Tasks Page

AppSec teams carry out various activities, triaging, threat modeling, security reviews, pentests and more. To keep up with all those duties, Enso allows you to manage multiple purpose tasks

The tasks page allows to search and filter all the existing tasks in Enso.

Tasks origin

There are few methods to generate tasks:

  1. Manually - created by the user from the asset's tasks tab

  2. By policy - tasks can be created by asset, defect or tasks policy rules

  3. With smart tasks - aggregate few defects into one task automatically by Enso. This is mostly relevant to resolve multiple SCA defects by a single dependency upgrade

Using a policy to create tasks is very helpful when a task should be created on specific events (a new repository is discovered, etc.) or periodically (every quarter, etc.)

Tasks actions

There are a few actions that can be applied for each task:

View task information

Click the task's title to drill-down into the task's full description

Report task as a ticket

  • Communicating task to a ticketing system can be done by choosing:

    • Create a new Jira ticket - a new Jira ticket will be automatically created according to the task's details. In case there are other required fields, a new tab will be opened, allowing to add the required info

    • Create and edit Jira ticket - this allows to edit the Jira ticket before submitting it

    • Attach a Jira ticket - attach a task to an existing Jira ticket

    • Add ticket URL - used when the tickets are not managed in Jira, but on another ticketing system

Change the task status

  • Change the task's status to report progress/completion.

To perform bulk actions on tasks, see the policy rules article

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