Connecting with SSO

Set up single sign-on to grant your team’s users easy access to Enso using your existing SSO provider, enabling your team to access the asset inventory, tasks, dashboards and more

The information needed in order to establish trust between Enso and the identity provider depends on which type of SSO mechanism your organization uses.

The guides in this section cover the various SSO connections that Enso supports.


In order to establish trust between your identity provider (IdP) and Enso, a few coordinated steps need to be taken between your organization’s Okta SSO administrator and Enso.

  • In your identity provider platform, enter details about the Enso environment and user attributes.

  • Provide Enso with details from your IdP.

  • Set up a temporary user for testing and send Enso the username and password for that user. This step is optional, but recommended.

  • After Enso finalizes the connection, confirm the login process is working correctly.

After SSO is configured in Enso and in your organization’s identity provider, a trust relationship is established between Enso and your Okta instance. Any sensitive data is encrypted and stored in Enso only for the purposes of enabling user logins.

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