Search & Filter Assets

As an average inventory stores thousands of assets, search and filtering capabilities are essential

Tracing relevant assets can be done through two main features:

  • Search bar - enter a keyword and the inventory will be filtered by the matching results. It’s important to note that the results might be retrieved due to data that exists in the attributes tab and not only by the assets' name.

  • Filters - the filters allow to narrow down the inventory assets according to a selected criteria. This can help answer various questions about the assets. There are several filtering options that come in handy such as:

    • Name - the preferable way to search assets by name

    • Tags - useful to find asset by certain categories (tags). Assets have default tags for various use-cases, such as tracing active/inactive assets, externally exposed domains and more. On top of it, users can create policy rules to tag assets according to their own logic.

    • Discovered - usually relevant when looking for assets that recently joined the inventory

    • Control executed - mostly used to answer scan coverage questions. For example, to find all assets that were not scanned by Semgrep, we will set the filter with these settings: Control Executed -> Is not any of -> Semgrep SAST

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