Controls Column

Knowing how to operate correctly the controls column is essential for multiple purposes. In this article we will explain how to read and use it properly.

The controls column displays all the scanners (AST's) that were executed on a specific asset or group of assets. This column presents several types of user indications:

  • Surrounding border (around the controls) - appears only for assets that have child assets. The controls that appear inside the border are ones that were executed on the child assets.

  • Colored dots - the control’s dot color indicates the highest defect severity found. For example, if at least one critical defect was found, the dot will be red. However, if at least one medium defect was found, the dot will be yellow.

  • Dashed control border - a security control surrounded by a dashed border signifies that the control was supposed to be executed by policy, but wasn’t.

  • Control actions - when clicking on a specific asset’s control icon, a pop-up appears with additional data (defects summary and last scan date) and related actions. The control's action can include:

    • Go to defects - a quick link to review the open defects

    • View report - link to the control report

    • Run a scan - will trigger a scan on the selected asset immediately. This action is available in the built-in scanners and other scanners that Enso is permitted to execute new scans

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